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Want Plans On How To Make A Platform Bed (Any Size) With Under Bed Storage That an Absolute Beginner Could Follow?

You Will Learn The Secrets To Build A Platform BedThat Will Save You $100's When You Follow This Simple and Detailed Plan.

From: Matthew Frontino
Date: Monday, 11:24 a.m.

Dear Fellow Woodworkers,

Imagine your bedroom furnished with the most stylish, and comfortable platform bed of your dreams.

Can you imagine the expression on your family and friends' faces when you tell them you built your platform bed yourself?

Well, everything you just imagined is very possible when you discover the secrets to build your own platform bed.

Yes, even a total woodworking novices can build a platform bed, and your bed will look like you paid a professional thousands to build it, but only when you have access to just ONE critical tool...

...And that is, clear and concise Step-By-Step illustrated instructions that anyone can understand (even if you're an ultimate woodworking beginner)!

If your wanting to build a platform bed, and need accurate and detailed platform bed plans (Details you just don't find in any other online plans), than you will really want to read this page carefully.

You will learn how to avoid mistakes most people make that will save you precious time and money!

The major problem with conventional, blue print bed plans or free bed plans you might find online, is they are extremely hard to follow, making it near impossible to build a platform bed without making many annoying and stressful mistakes.

I'm always on the lookout for free platform bed plans to make sure my plans are the best and most up to date, but I'm never able to find the detail required in these free plans that will guide you to build a platform bed successfully.

"The first bed I built drove me absolutely bananas because of its annoying squeak. I couldn't even roll over without my somewhat less than perfect bed joints talking to me during the night.

Now, after years of bed building experience and research I have mastered platform bed design and my bed designs are strong, solid and don't budge in the slightest.

I want to share my expert knowledge I have learnt over the years with other like minded people wanting to build their own platform bed.

Whatever size or style of platform bed you are looking to build, you will find all the necessary information you will need, including;

How to make a platform bed that you will love and your friends will be envious of .
How to design and build a platform bed that will perfectly fit your mattress and room size.
How to build platform bed headboards and footboards without expensive tools.
How to create your own platform bed designs easily that suit your needs exactly.
How to build a 4 poster bed that is strong and solid.
How to make a king size bed frame (single, twin, double or queen)
How to make a bed your kids will love to sleep in.



Only use information on "how to build a bed" if it meets the following 6 important criteria.

Read on to find out!


My name is Matt Frontino and I have been woodworking for as long as I can remember.

I gained my woodworking skills and experiance from my Father, a traditional cabinetmaker of over 35 years. Over the years I have built alot of timber furniture including kitchens, bathrooms and shop fittings. I have also sold my own custom made furniture.

Although I'm not a professional cabinetmaker! I work as a satellite communication technician at a deep space tracking station and have a diploma in electronic engineering. I have a passion for designing electronic gadgets and putting them together.

Through my experiences in woodwork and electronics I have acquired the skills to design and document my projects clearly and precisely.

I realized that the time and money I have spent learning these skills could be utilized by others to help them successfully build their own furniture and avoid all the mistakes I have already made.

That's why I've put together this handy, simple guide on how to build a platform bed. I went through the frustrations of finding reliable, accurate information on how to design and build platform beds and decided to help others like you avoid the same hair pulling, time wasting experiences that sometimes left me wanting to pull my hair out!

I want you to gain from my woodworking experience and technical knowledge so that you can reap the same personal and financial rewards that I did by building my own bed.


Any platform bed plans you are looking at using must include the following important criteria to ensure your success.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions written in clear, beginner-friendly words, so that ANYONE can follow these instructions and be successful.

(You will save time and otherwise wasted money on common, easily made mistakes even the best furniture builders make).

Detailed list of tools that you will need before you start, including information on how to use them safely, saving you from painful and avoidable injury.
Detailed list of materials so you won't need to make frustrating second, third or fourth trips to the hardware store, saving you hours.

Graphical and photo demonstrations that will guide you effortlessly to success first time and save you the frustration of trying to work out what is being explained. No longer will you wonder what the author "meant". You will KNOW.

What the best types of bed brackets are and which are the safest. Including a detailed report covering where to buy, what brackets to use for different types of beds and how to fit and fasten brackets to your bed so they don't come loose and squeak. Trust me there is nothing worse.

Important health information. Did you know that it is extremely bad for your health to use certain types of timbers and glues to build a bed?

This important information will be covered in detail here.

All of this important information and much more is covered in depth inside "How To Build A Platform Bed" guide.

You are about to discover exactly...

Page 7 - What tools are required and what they are used for.

Page 14 - What timber to use and not to use.

Page 16 - How to save time and money when buying timber.

Page 17- Where to buy good quality NO SQUEAK bed brackets.

Page 45 - How to easily make your footboard.

Page 55 - How to easily make your headboard.

Page 68 - How to easily make your siderails.

Page 77 - Easy and stylish bed finishing techniques.

Page 90 - The easy way to final construction of your bed.


This guide features over 90 pages full of easy to follow instructional information and over 120 explained colored photo and 3D images.



If you want to start right now with the most accurate and detailed information on how to build a bed, then

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Here's how this information has guided others just like you to success.


Before using Matthew Frontino's "How to Build a Platform Bed" book I had zero woodworking/carpentry experience.  I don't even recall the last time I even picked up a hammer, drill, or even a screw driver.  However after using Matt's step by step guide my girlfriend and I was able to make a well designed and sturdy bed.  Obviously I am a prime example that anyone can build a bed using Matt Frontino's book.  So if I can do it, you can do it.  All you really need is:
1) Matthew Frontino's "How to Build a Platform Bed" book
2) Adequate amount of space and time to complete the platform bed
3) A will and a desire to accomplish something that is very rewarding





"I built a platform bed for my boyfriend using Matt's e-book. Matt's e-book has dramatically helped me design and build my own bed.

This is the first real piece of furniture I have built. At first I thought I might have gotten myself into more than I could handle, but the way Matt's e-book is written made building the bed easy. The pictures and illustrations made it so easy to understand each step.

Thanks Matt"






"I have seen the quality of Matt's designs and they are simple and very stylish. The beds are solid and strong and would look great in any bedroom. "

-Hayley Lamont




"Matt, I don't know if I have told you yet, but thanks so much for my bed. I sleep so well in it, it's real comfy. I love it so much I don't even like sharing it. This is going to sound really bad, but my boyfriend stayed over the other weekend and all I could think about is when I would get my bed back all to myself. It's an awesome bed. "

-Tara Duffet
Perth, WA



This guide has eliminated questions and fears for many beginner woodworkers such as,

What type of material should I use to make my bed?
What thickness of material should I use to make my bed safe and strong?
What kind of legs or posts do I need?
What timber joins do I use to make my headboard and footboard?
How can I attach bed rails to head and footboard so my bed does not wobble?
How to use power tools I have never used before, and how to do so safely?

Where can I build a bed if I don't have a workshop or garage?

  How do I build a cheap platform bed and save money?
  How can I save money buying timber?

You will also get all the answers to these imortant questions and any other questions you might have.


Need a Great Gift idea?

This guide would make a great gift for family or a friend.

Imagine the feeling you will have when you see the bed your husband, wife, family member or friend made from the e-book you gave to them.

The gift of accomplishment, the gift of being able to build a custom made, quality, platform bed.

It will be like you bought them an top quality solid timber bed, and the best thing is it only cost you a fraction of what it would to buy them a bed.

If they are a really good friend you could even build the bed for them. ;-)



Important Note On How To Receive Your Free Bonuses

You will receive all the bonuses below absolutely free (If you are quick). Please except my apology if you missout on this limited offer.


I want you to have the best most, up to date and accurate information that other platform bed plans cannot offer you.

So I'm also going to include (for free) the following must have bonuses worth over $150,

Your 4 FREE Must Have Bonuses

Bonus #1.

Bed Design Software

"No more calculations"

Save hours.

This very essential tool will calculate your cutting list to suit your exact mattress, timber and bed size, and your desired bed height. Get all your timber lengths calculated in seconds. Right calculations first time, no mistakes. Much time & development has gone into this unique bed building calculator. This software is valued at over $67 and will soon be sold separately.

This amazing Bed Design software is not available anywhere else.

$67 Value!

Bonus #2

Personal Email Support.

I'm going to offer you a priceless gift, which is full email support.

My time building furniture for customers is priced at $60 per hour.

To have unlimited email support is really a priceless gift.

If you want to build a bed and don't yet have all the information you need, well today is the day to get it all plus free email support.

If I can't help you build a bed I will happily refund your every penny.

I can't stress to you enough how serious I am about this offer. It's just not possible for me to offer this kind of support to everyone. Today is your chance to get it before it's to late.

This offer will be pulled soon as I only have so much time.


Bonus # 3

How to Build Under Bed Storage Drawers The Easy Way


I have just finished designing and building additional under bed storage units that are fully compatible with my "How To Build A Bed" e-book.

Under bed storage drawers will save you loads of space in your bedroom. These drawers are easy and cheep to make and don't require expensive drawer runners.

This new e-book is going to be sold for $27. Buy "How To Build A Bed" e-book today and you get if free.

$27 Value

Bonus # 4

Surprise Bonus?


Right now you will receive for free over $150 worth of valuable must have resources and bonuses that will guide you to build a platform bed and save you time and money by eliminating expensive annoying mistakes.

Absolutely no one should have to struggle to build their own superb professional looking bed.

If you you want to start right now with the most accurate and detailed information on how to build a bed, then

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How to save $1500?

Here is how I did!

You can expect to pay over $2000 for a good quality platform bed from a retail store. Or you can pay $3000 getting someone to build a custom bed for you.

The bed I was going to buy cost $1650, I decided it would be easy to build, and for $124 and a weekend I built it myself. Saving $1526.

You to can save this kind of money building your own bed, and by using"How To Build A Platform Bed" guide you can save hours by avoiding many time wasting mistakes most beginners will make. All the information you will need is covered.

All this information has been compiled in consultation of professional carpenters. Many hours have been spent gaining this information and I want you to have it all so you also save time and money building your platform bed.

You can now get this information on "How to Make a Platform Bed" for the insane low price of only $39.99, Special Offer, Now Only $9.99 for avery limited time.

This is extremely small price to pay when you consider how much you will be saving on buying a bed or even just building a bed yourself through trial and error.


Why not avoid all the time wasting and expensive mistakes that I have already made.

One small mistake I made when building my first platfom bed cost me over $65 and 4 hours of extra work. If I knew what I know now, I could have saved this wasted time and money. The exact information I learnt is in this e-book so you don't need to make the same mistakes.

As you can see, If you only avoid one small mistake by following this detailed "How to Biuld a Platform Bed guide" you will have easily covered the entire cost of this e-book guide.


Download "How to build a bed " e-book on my secure server below,


If your looking for instant access to the best, most accurate and complete information on how to build a bed, then now is time to take action!

Instantly claim your copy of "How to Build a Platform Bed" e-book and secure your 4 free bonuses

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This e-book is available in PDF format only and is only downloadable from the Internet.


Security Notice: Your purchase is 100% Encrypted, Secure and Safe using PayPal (an eBay company).


100% Money back satisfaction garantee.

I am going to give you one full year to read and act on the contents of this e-book.

That’s right, anytime during the next 365 days, if you are not absolutely blown away by the information in "How to build a platform bed " and
truly believe I haven't delivered on my promise then let me know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

So please, take this guide for a "test drive". For the next 365 days, read through it for yourself. Make your own decision. If this guide doesn't give you everything your looking for and more... then shoot me a quick email to let me know and I'll buy the guide back from you. Thats right. In other words, you can get all your money back in an instant, no-hassle, full refund. And best of all... just as a personal "thank you" for trying it out, I'll even let you keep the all the bonuses.

That's a promise.


To all your success and enjoyment, Matthew Frontino

P.S. I thank-you for taking your time to read through and taking the opportunity to gain from the valuable information in this e-book.

P.P.S. If you're still not sure if this information can help you save money and time building your own bed and have any questions, please email me at I will be more than happy to attend to your concerns.

P.P.S.S.  If you don't gain value from the book just let me know and I'll refund every penny... AND you can keep every one of the bonuses as my way of saying "thankyou"

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